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When you're in a jam, we do want to hear it!  We are set up to meet tight deadlines and special requirements.  Our staff is trained to respond quickly to your order, and there's a full range of fasteners in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

In the highway industry, Bennett Bolt Works is manufacturing, assembling, and distributing Cable Guardrail Assemblies, the various fasteners related to W-Beam, Box Beam, Bridge, and Overhead Sign on a daily basis.  Not only are we well stocked, but we are also highly knowledgeable of the various state specification requirements, with drawings for both new and old design needed for new jobs and/or repair jobs.




  • Cable End Assemblies w/ and w/o Turnbuckles

  • Spring Assemblies

  • Torpedo & Acorn Cable Splices

  • Angle Cable Anchors

  • Hook Post Bolts

  • Top/Bottom Post Weldments

  • Miscellaneous Weldments

  • Post and Post Plates

  • Splice Bolts (Standard Head, Trimmed Head)

  • Post Bolts

  • Hook Bolts

  • Hex Bolts (A307, A325, A449)

  • Double-Recessed Hex Nuts

  • Finished & Heavy Hex Nuts (A563 Gr A, DH, 2H)

  • Washers (USS, F436)

    • Square

    • Rectangular

    • Round

  • Bridge Rail Fasteners

  • Overhead Sign Fasteners


  • A325 & A449 Structure Bolts, Nuts, Washers

  • F436 Washers and Special Washers

  • A449 Full Thread Studs

  • DH Nuts

  • DH/2H Heavy Hex Nuts

  • Coupling Nuts

  • Bridge Rail Fasteners (Round/Button Head Bolts)


Offered in stainless steel or galvanized:

  • U-Bolts: Round and Square Bend

  • Anchor bolts (L-Bend, Double End Threaded)

  • A325 Hardware

  • Heavy Hex Bolts

  • Heavy Hex Nuts

  • Heavy Hex Jam Nuts

  • Nuts

  • Flat Washers

  • Lock Washers

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