Bennett Bolt Works, Inc. offers a wide variety of pistol and rifle targets made from AR500 Steel.  Below is a list of standard size targets we carry.  Bennett Bolt Works can also custom make any size, shape or thickness of AR400, AR500 or Hardox material for your needs.  Our Steel Challenge Courses are proudly displayed at the Syracuse Pistol Club in Liverpool, NY.

3/8", 1/2" and 3/4"
AR500 Targets:               

  • 3" Gong
  • 6" Gong
  • 8" Gong
  • 10" Gong
  • 12" Gong
  • Bullseye Targets
  • Combo Packages
  • IDPA Silhouettes
  • IPSC Silhouesttes

We offer the following mounting styles for each type targets:

  • Double ears for chain hanging
  • Center hole
  • Double hole w/ in the target
  • Custom mounting styles available upon request

Steel Challenge Targets/Courses:

  • 10" Circular Plate
  • 12" Circular Plate
  • 18 x 24" Rectangular Plate
  • H-Base Multiplaform
  • AR500 top hanger w/ double sided target mount
  • For bulk pricing on full courses and setups please call or email us directly.

All targets are sold in plain steel finish. Color coding is to help denote pricing and sizes.

Steel Challenge Course (pictured below):

The H-Base Multiplatform was designed to be used for the Steel Challenge Series in conjunction with a 2x4 piece of wood. However, what makes this base unique is the addition of the 2x1 slots. The 2x1 slots can accommodate IDPA and IPSC competitions as well. This is our most highly desired base for gun ranges wanting to offer new and exciting events to current and future members.

The AR500 Top Hanger receives the 2x4 and has a welded mount on top. The mount holds either the 10", 12" or 18 x 24" plate used in the Steel Challenge Series. The mount is double sided to speed up competition and extend the life for daily range use.