In the highway industry, Bennett Bolt Works is a manufacturer and distributor of cable guard rail assemblies, nuts, bolts, washers and related fasteners. We are highly knowledgeable in the various state specifications and requirements. 

Cable Guard Rail Assemblies: USA and Canada
-Cable End Assemblies w/ and w/o Turnbuckles
-Spring Assemblies
-Torpedo & Acorn Cable Splices
-Angle Cable Anchors
-Hook Post Bolts
-Top/Bottom Post Weldments
-Miscellaneous Weldments
-Post and Post Plates
-Snow Fencing





Guard Rail Hardware:
-Splice Bolts
-Post Bolts
-Hook Bolts
-Hex Bolts (A307, A325, A449)
-Double-Recessed Hex Nuts
-Hex Nuts (A563 Grade A, DH, 2H)
-Washers (USS, F436)

Fasteners Related to:
-Box Beam
-Cable Guide Rail
-End Terminals
-Bridge Rail
-Overhead Sign
-Security Cable Fence
-Sound Barrier Walls